Thursday, September 4, 2008

Flick Feature

I was searching through my groups & I found Rejina on Flickr. Rejina is a polymer clay artist. Her art work is beautiful you have to see it. It is amazing how colorful her work is. See for yourself! She will become a favorite very quickly. It just makes you feel happy. lol All the color just pops & its amazing how in tune it is with each piece.

I wanted to make something new today & since I*m waiting on my jewels & goodies, i decided to make a sticker. It is for all you knitter's out there! You can find it at or UniqueCharm.etsy. I*ll be making other anti drugs soon :P
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Giftbearer said...

Wow! That's polymer clay? Rejina's work is gorgeous! Does she have an Etsy store or is she only on Flickr?