Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just Keep Swimming...

Finally a day to sit down and relax. I*ve been so busy lately it feels good to have a little time to do what i want. I*m so sore! Yesterday Justin & I went with his parents, his little brother & other friends to the lake. I tried my hand at wake boarding again, my arms are so sore. Justin makes it look so easy! We were swimming around after we had eaten lunch & a fish kept running into Justin. lol I*m scared of snakes so i said nope I*m done. :P

I*m working on some new designs for my t shirts & things. I*ve been waiting to do this all week. I made up a new idea last night & pitched it to Justin. He thinks its a good idea & he said he wanted a shirt the same as that one. Since I*m off tomorrow too i need to do some promoting. I think I*m going to drop my website. I dont have enough time to do it, etsy, blog, & to make stuff. If anyone outside of etsy wants an item you can feel free to e-mail me directly asking for the item & we will go from there. Some people have said they don*t want to sign up they just want the items. lol works for me.I*m plotting so hopefully in the next few days I*ll be adding something new! :) Keep a look out.

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