Monday, June 30, 2008

Slide It

I decided to use to my advantage. I put all my photo's in the slide with the name & what the item costs. I placed it on my web site as a photo gallery. So now people can either search through the categories or go to the gallery & see all the pieces to see if they're interested. I*m trying to get my website out there still. It*s so hard to keep up with Etsy & I have no yet taken the traffic off line yet though. I*m trying to get more stock so i'll have more to offer. If gas ever goes down I'll be doing free drop off.

I'm hoping to be adding some new screen printed items this week. You'll be able to find them all at The screen printed section will be FREE of shipping for awhile until i get it off the ground. The flat rate for everything else on is just $2.00! I'll be adding more items to than my Etsy site to also try and help get off the ground.

♡ First Time At Unique Charm? ♡
If so, please feel free to take 15% off any item you see here!! Contact me or I*ll refund your 15% to paypal.

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SpinachNPeace said...

Great idea! I'm going to look into

StarkatBeads said...

Thank you for you kind coment Leslie :)

You have lovely works too! :)