Sunday, October 5, 2008


Justin was off all weekend but we really didn*t do anything. Last night we had all intentions of seeing a late movie but drove all the way to the theater & decided since it was pretty outside we*d go get ice cream & walk the square. All i had was my phone to take photo's because we had no idea we would be out & about. I love our phones though. We have the Sony Ericsson w580i's. Justin is black & orange & mine is pink. {of course} They have the sharpest camera's available & they are so clear. We got the 1 gig memory stick's, so i have 325 songs in rotation on the mp3 player. :P LOVE IT! We walked & talked & ended up going to Old Navy for a little shopping. They were having the $14.92 sale all weekend. Woohoo!! I*m so glad we are caught up on everything now. I*m also contemplating a new line for Unique Charm. :P {The panoramic view of the square. I had to make them small for the full effect. You can click them for the bigger picture.}

In other news, we maybe adding an additional member to our little "family". Justin & I were thinking about it & even though Ruppert {aka Roo} is a lot of work to keep up with {mainly because he is spoild} we thought about getting him a little buddy. It would be a boy of course because i can in no way raise little baby chinchilla's. We were thinking of naming the little guy "Peeka". If you've seen how chinchilla's sleep when they are standing up they look like PeekaChew. {the pokemon guy} We haven't fully made a decision yet because the little guys have went way up since we got Roo. We will keep you informed! Meanwhile, here are new pictures of king fuzzy face.

hehe, it looks like he is winking :P
All up in my business, as usual. He has separation anxiety some times.

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missknits said...

sounds like you had a great night out! and roo is too cute! i bet he would love a buddy!

Jen said...

I had a dog when I was young named "Rupert". How cute!

wildchildnatural said...

that does look like pickachu! they are both so cute!