Monday, October 13, 2008

Resin & redecoration

So i tried some resin casting last night, i was so excited to see how it turned out. Although i knew it would probley bomb because this was the first time I*d ever tried it & i eyeballed the measurements. All day i thought about how they*d turn out, or if they*d even come out of the molds. When i got home i ate & i decided to try my hand at taking them out. To my surprise it was really easy. Thus another set of hair pins where born. I made a few sets so therefore i kept a set for myself. I tried casting somethings a little while ago but it seems i need more practice with that because they didnt work. BUT i did make a new batch of something :X :P You*ll see tomorrow night if all goes well.

As for dad, {thanks to everyone who commented!} he is out of the hospital as of last night & he is no longer bleeding. They changed the bands on his esophagus. He is supposed to go every so many months to get them reset & to get new ones & he was coming up on another appointment so they just went ahead and did it. They still do not know where the bleeding is coming from, but they also found he has restless leg syndrome that is why he never sleeps. Mom did her redecorating for fall yesterday as well.

3 people had something to say:

Estela said...

I'm so glad your dad is out of the hospital and doing better!! That's scary.
Your mom's decorations are gorgeous!!

Jen said...

I'm happy to hear your dad is doing better. Great hair clip!

Treasures by Tina said...

Those resin clips came out great! Isn't it fun to experiment?

Glad your dad is doing better. And your mom did a lovely job decorating. :)