Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scrumptious Scents & New Fabric

I*ve been working on the website a lot today. I was also busy last night. I had so much energy i didnt know what to do. Since i got my scent shipments in yesterday i decided to make my charms! Unique Charm now offers pumpkin pie, hazelnut truffle, vanilla, & cupcake scented charms! You can only find these on I may add a few to Etsy but i wont be adding them all. There are other seller's who make scented charms & i don't want to step on their toes or have anyone mad at me. So you can pick up your scented charms at I*ll also be taking custom order's, so if you*d like to have a scented treat made of clay you can go HERE to place your custom order. I also made a BEAUTIFUL clutch! The clutch is made of Amy Butler's Lotus collection. The pattern is the Tree Peony. It is 100% cotton on the outside & blue felt on the side. This clutch is beautiful. It has a velcro closure & is extremely roomy. Just a quick post for today. Justin is off work so him & I are going down to the lake in the apartment complex & feed the geese.

Amy Butler's Lotus collection
Unique /
Scented Pumpkin Pie Slices OR Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes
Unique /
Scented Vanilla Cupcakes
Scented Hazelnut Truffle Cupcake
Unique /

8 people had something to say:

Nicki Leigh said...

I always love looking at your little treats ;) Good luck with the website ;)

I featured you on my blog today with the butterfly award. Enjoy!

Kari said...

Very cute charms! Love the fabric, too!

MaryMarsh said...

Great post! Hope you had fun feeding the geese! Happy Sunday to you!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

What a nice selection in your presentation.Nice blog too.

Anonymous said...

cute charms

Crazy Times Candle & Bath Co. said...

wow that is awesome that is really neat that you scented your charms.

em - rubyblue gift shop said...

Scented charms is such a cool idea!

~K~ said...

Love the cupcake charm!!