Saturday, October 11, 2008

Never A Dull Moment.

I showed up to mom's house this morning for work to find my dad on the couch with the T.V on asleep. Mom told me to check my phone because she left me a voice mail { i usually jam out in the morning - or any time for that matter} telling me not to come she rescheduled everyone for Monday. Dad was up all night throwing up blood again. This started happening a few months ago & his doctor's or his specialist have no idea why. They have ran every kind of test that is possible to run & all they know is that he is bleeding from somewhere but they can't find it. He is a diabetic, {as is 85% of my family on his side} he has suriousis(?) of the liver, {from all those nights of wild parties before my brother & i arrived} & because he is bleeding he has to take a fluid pill. You can tell when he misses his fluid pills because he gets really puffy. Dad doesn't like going to the doctor when something is wrong {but has no problem going for check ups} so he wont go to the doctor but made a deal with mom if he didnt feel any better by the morning he*d go. I feel we can talk about these things, after all - we are all family right? ;P

As for Unique Charm listings & adds i will be adding 2 items tomorrow because i didnt add anything for Friday. I love gloomy rainy day's {I*m just weird like that i guess} so i decided to make the best of it. However on the way home this morning Justin called & made me even more upset with one of his rants {nothing serious} so when i got home we had a 20 minute convo about the ordeal then took 2 seconds to solve. {all he had to do was listen to me for 2 seconds & it would've saved us 20 minutes} He went to work, I had a panic attack & took half a xanx then took a nap. I woke up to my ridiculously loud ring tone {Jason Mraz "Wordplay" - you should sample it} asking if i wanted to go with him to find a bow tie because everyone at the wedding {his drummer is getting married tomrrow (CONGRATS BILLY & LIZ!!!!)} will be wearing a tie. {my brother loves to switch it up} So when i got to his house i was greeted by ___ Bear {names have been changed due to unappropriated content lol - why you*d name your dog after certain male parts are beyond me} LOOK AT THIS DOG! {the dog was born without hips. So my brother has signed him up with a vet school (NSU vet. School) for a hip transplant when he gets a little older so he wont hurt} Isn't he adorable? For those of you who have been here a few times always want photo's of the family or anything really. So i took a photo of my brother for you ladies. lol He is the only person i know who can buy a tie & get hit on. The lady looked at him while he was sliding his card for conformation(?) if i was dating him or not so i shook my head & she looked at him licked her lips & said "You going to a wedding?" He said "yes ma'am" {being loud in a fake aussie accent} so she asks if he has a date & she is off tomorrow. lol then he proceeded to tell her he didn't think his blushing bride would to happy. {still in his fake aussie accent} He topped it off with a tip of his hat & a "G-day". lol I love my brother. For your viewing pleasure the photo's...

Look at that face!
Talking to mommy, Aww!

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Soulfully Blonde said...

I love Goldens! Hope your Dad is feeling better soon!

Crazy Times Candle & Bath Co. said...

Sorry to here about your Dad Leslie. Hope things work themselves out. As for your Brother I laughed so hard when I read that last part :)
The puppy is so cute. As for Justin and you with the 20 minute convo I know what you are saying there Dave is the same way.


MaryMarsh said...

Hope all works out with your dad. Loved reading your blog! It's nice to hear that I'm not the only one with men troubles! It's as if they (namely hubby) have "selective hearing" sometimes! lol!

Leslie said...

Whew, im glad it's not just me then. lol i believe he has his selective hearing too.

As for dad they released him, he feels better & loos way better, his color is back. They still didn't find the leak though.

Kari said...

Sorry to hear about your dad, hope everything starts turning around for him.