Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Raindrops Are Falling On My Head.

Although it has rained all day i love this weather! It*s only gotten to be 70* & the rain is really making it feel cooler. I like summer time & everything but i can not wait for the fall/winter. It was really hot yesterday but for some reason all i wanted to drink was coffee. I picked up some when Justin & I went shopping. He likes the hazelnut cinnamon I like it too but sometimes i just want to keep it simple you know. I was looking around & i ordered some "Da Vinci" blend. My aunt told me about the site where i am getting it & she said she has ordered a few & they are different but good. We shall see when it gets here. Mom, Justin & I were supposed to go to South Carolina today to do a little consulting. We wanted Justin to drive because we are both terrible at directions. He went to court to pay the seatbelt yada yada we got a few months ago when the cop stopped us. We did have on our seatbelts {safty first!} but he told us we put them on & he was just an ass. He jerked Justin's paperwork out of his hand & threw the ticket in the window then sped off throwing gravel all over my car!

I added a few new charms to UniqueCharm.net. I*ll add a few of them to UniqueCharm.etsy but .net is doing a slight bit better than etsy & the etsy fee's are killing me. The link referral sites are helping i believe. I tried to keep the layouts simple but have a little jazz to them & everybody didnt like them. So i just went back to a simple layout, which so far seems to be helping. No one is rating me bad for speed & navigational distress. ;D I*ll be adding more clay charms soon I wasn't here this time last year so i'm not exactly sure how to go about the holiday's. If anyone could give me advice that would be nice. :P

Pumkin pie
Candy Bar
Chocolate Sushi Roll

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Estela said...

those are the sweetest little charms!! I want that pumpkin pie...to eat :)

Giftbearer said...

Those little food charms are so neat! The pumpkin pie one really looks real!

Waterrose said...

Cute charms! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment.

Leah said...

The pumpkin pie is too cute!!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

I love rain, too...good thing, too, because we get plenty of it in Oregon during the fall/winter. I'm a native and as they say, have webbed feet. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

missknits said...

how cute!