Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Love Shopping!

I haven't been at the computer for te last few days. Brett {Justin's little brother} left this morning for a year 1/2. We were hanging out with him & Justin's family until he had to leave. The 11th was his birthday so he spent the night with us & we took him to get a Nintendo DS & a few games for his birthday. Since i have a pink Nintendo DS we played Mario kart while Justin played Gears Of War. I have to catch up on everything now that I*ve been gone because i didn''t get a chance to make anything.

I did however get a chance to do some shopping. I did it online so i wouldn't have to leave & i could still hang out with Brett & Justin. I*ve seen a few E.L.F links on the fashion blogs i've been dropping cards on. So i decided to try them out. I usually use MAC but since i haven't bought any in a few months I*m almost out of everything. I couldn*t decide what i wanted so i got the master set.
You get over 100 products from the eyes, lips, face, nails and tools categories. I can*t wait to get it! I love variety when it comes to makeup. Since winter is coming i love to have light browns, mocha's, & white's, earthy colors. I like to match my make up with my outfits, as im sure alot of us do. I even match my toe socks when i wear them with my flip flops. :P I*ve noticed when i buy an outfit it usually starts with me buying the shoes, then i buy the belt then the rest of the outfit. I love shopping it's fun. This is why i LOVE etsy! You can get jewels, purses, tee's, sweatshirts & knits.

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2 people had something to say:

missknits said...

ohh ELF is awesome! i discovered them a few years ago and love their stuff and i can never believe how cheap it is! they dont have good foundation/powder - to me thats worth splurging on a good brand for. but for all your eye makeup, nails, lipstick and applicators and stuff, its totally awesome!

Noreena said...

Okay, I am dying to know what you thought about the collection your bought from ELF. I know it's very reasonable, but not sure about the quality. I hope you enjoy it.

PS. Your jewelry is very nice.