Thursday, September 18, 2008

Alot To Do About Nothing.

I*ve been so busy the last few days i havent had a chance to update. I need for you guys to help me by taking my poll. I*m getting a few new idea's & i need help figureing out what i*m going to turn them into. Should i make more earrings or should i start making key chains as well? Since work is picking up a little im usually pretty busy except for on the weekends. But i want to have a lottle variety. I think you guys will be pleased with the new features because its not all clay & crystals. I*m uping it notch, i found some super cute stuff on ebay shops. I bought a few to se how they do, i think they*ll rock. They really reflect my personality. I dont want to give to much away but i think you guys will like them too.

Mom & I went to South Carolina yesterday to do some consulting. We drove for 7 1/2 hours total for an hour of talking & meeting if that. They knew what they wanted. lol it was fun though i only got us lost 2 times! { that was right down the street from the apartment} Those inner & outter beltlines are a little tricky. :P I got us there & got us home thats all that mattered. Justin has been on vaca since last Saturday & he was supposed to go but he has this new job hes mom is trying to get him with her & he had to have in all of his paperwork yesterday. We thought he had 3 weeks. Anyhoo that got done & everything is fine. I got Viva Pinata for the DS tonight so im going to lay back & play that for a few minutes. I*m pooped! I cant wait until tomorrow when i get home from work i can sleep for hours on end! woohoo!! :P

PS - Please take my poll? :P

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Paper Girl Productions said...

I just took your poll! Hope you have a great wknd!! xo