Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What A Day

I woke up early this morning around 10am & quickly realized i had nothing to do & i was bored. Justin was on the couch watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Beginnings & i don't want to see anything of that nature so early on a beautiful morning. So i decided to stop being a pain in the butt & add the payment button for RME. If you wanted to pay with RME before it was appreciated but you had to send me an e0mail i had to send you an invoice then you pay. I totally but myself out & added the button. So now all you do is click the "buy now" button & your on your way. All of the amounts are correct so all you have to do is add your e-mail address & tada! Take a gander ;P www.uniquecharm.net

Don*t forget about my giveaway! check out the pendants up for grabs HERE.

i am announcing a really cool promotional for you guys! As i said yesterday I*m going to see if i can hurry & get us the savings to go to Washington D.C, So i have concocted a sale for you guys! I have 2 exclusive pendants that haven't been for sale yet. I was saving them for this! With any purchase you get your choice of pendant! The best thing is there is no min or max purchase. I will be shipping your items on Monday & Friday's as usual. I*m super excited i haven't been to Washington in forever. For the gift of travel the pendant is my gift to you for helping us get there! Remember to tell me which pendant you are interested in when you make your purchase. If you purchase over $20 worth of items you get your choice of 2 pendants! If your purchase is $30 or over you get all 3 pendants! Click HERE to see the pendants to choose from.

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