Monday, July 21, 2008

Skully And Bones Dog tag Necklace

I made a dogtag necklace this morning. It*s so neat & it is available at or

Dog tag measures: 2"h

Entire necklace measures: 20" long

Dog tag & Charm is made of 98% Zinc, 1% Copper, & 1% Aluminum The ball necklace is 4mm x 18" chain.

I*ve recently noticed you can never do to much advertising. I*ve joined a few (ok a lot) of top 100 sites lately & it seems to be paying off. I found a free site someone on indiepublic was talking about. I scoped it out & it looks good to me. So of course i signed up. The site is called, you can list your items, descriptions, shipping, & website address for free. There are a lot of different categories.

I thought adding my free pendant sale would help me out a little but so far it has done nothing, although they are cute. MY favorite is the Pendant B. It*s so glittery. How are you guys doing this month? What am i doing wrong? Does anyone see? If so please let me know so i can stop. lol

Pick Your Pendant
Make a purchase you get your choice of pendant!
If you purchase over $20 worth of items you get your choice of 2 pendants!
If your purchase is $30 or over you get all 3 pendants.

Please visit here for the pendants available for grabs!

6 people had something to say:

Ashley said...

Cute! I love your bunny model too!!! :)

jeweledrabbit said...

Love the pendant and the model. ;)

jeweledrabbit said...

I just signed up at and posted a few items. Thanks for the tip. :OD

BendingPeak said...

Sounds like you are doing loads of work.
I can't wait to look at the sites you posted.

Anonymous said...

i agree w ashley, that bunny is cute. and so are the chains! they are off tha chains! hahaha ohhh. ok *shutting up now* lol. so how have things been? i am finally returning to my computer like its my business (well, because it is). so hopefully my presence on the web will increase soon. good luck w/ everything!

Anonymous said...

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