Monday, June 2, 2008

Heels Over Head

I*ve been joining more groups on flickr.I*m trying to do anything i can to get noticed. lol so far its been good! I*ve got a butt load ( thats a lot ) of new friends that are awesome & unique in their own ways. I*ve also joined a few groups that have nothing to do with etsy or selling my stuff. If you*d like to be my friend feel free too! I don*t bite. Be My Friend!

Yesterday was our anniversary & Justin got me flowers & Projekt Revolution tickets! He*s the greatest boyfriend ever! I love him. We sometimes argue a lot (because I*m hard headed & always have to have the last word) but i love him!

My mom was supposed to take me to look at a car today.. She called & said shes got a migrain & she*s covered up the windows & locked the doors. We*re going tomrrow. I found the perfect car! I just hope my credit will let me have it. *does the wanty hands* The color is called "Sizzling Crimson Mica" lol how cool is that? I*ve already had one of these. Justin & I shared a mica one before he got his new car. Then it got totaled :o( I miss it SO bad. I get aggravated every time i see one drive by us. So Wish me luck! It makes me smile to look at it!

I did decide to make a clutch today! Meet the Ribbit Prince. He*s rugged & durable. He also loves long hops in the forest.

4 people had something to say:

SpinachNPeace said...

good luck with the car! love the clutch!

CupKake Artillery said...

Love the car and the clutch!

Princess Caitlin said...

congrats on the new car!!

Paper Girl Productions said...

Don't you just love Flickr?! Its so addictive!