Saturday, May 31, 2008

Falling Behind

Life has thrown yet another curve ball. Justin has been telling me to take it easy for a few months now. Since my car was totaled he hasnt said anything about a job it has just been "relax & take it easy". Well he finally got his car back & while he was getting it fixed he upgraded almost everything so now.. i*ve got a week to get a car & a job & I*ve only got $400 to do so. He*s telling me i cant get anything but an accord because they*re dependable. I totally agree with this but the one he wants me to get is 10k! :o) due to some credit card problems my credit sucks! He told me i have to move out if i don*t meet these 2 requirements in the time giving,not that we're breaking up but that i have to move back in with my parents. *cringes* I so don*t want that!

SO...I*v marked everything down 35% on! If your interested just mke your purchase. I*ve already changed the prices, hurry this sale ends Monday night!

Craig'slist Listings..Anyone interested?
I recently went through my closet & posted a few items i could deal with parting with.\ because i rarely used them. I*m selling them on Craig's list but I*m giving you guys the chance to take a peek & get them if you*d be interested. Please feel free to comment for more info or pictures. If you are interested in one of the items Please ask me for shipping costs.

Buxton Cambrie Tote - $60

This bag is huge! It*s a great laptop bag. The bag has a side snap that allows the bag to expand, it has a huge center zipper pocket, A center divided section, a roomy main compartment, It also has an interior section for multiple card pockets, expandable loops,cellphone pocket, & electronic organizer pocket.

Liz Claiborne Purse - $60

This purse is so roomy, just a tad to big for me. It has a lot of storage space & 3 interior storage pockets for cellphone, organizer, & mini note pads. The purse has a huge zip pocket in the middle of the purse & a side pocket on the inside of the purse.

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mary jane said...

wow.. good luck...
money woes are tough...xo
mary jane

Arasay Ontaguemay said...

good luck with everything!

Tizzalicious said...

I hope everything will be okay!