Thursday, May 1, 2008

From Where You Are

Wow, This time next month Justin & I will have our 1 year anniversary! We*ve had a LONG road but it*s been well worth it. I never opt to do things the easy way & in my opinion anything worth so much is worth fighting for. I cleaned up the apartment, although it took me all day. I did it in little spurts I*d get bored so I*d stop then I*d go back to it after like 45 minutes. My mom & i talked about going to see Jen so we can see the baby on Sunday. Katelynn is so flawless she*s a beautiful baby! She looks just like Jen*s brother when he was a baby. Jennifer says whoever aggravates you the most when your pregnant is who you baby favors. lol if thats the case she has well enough reason to say he*s the one. Justin*s off tomorrow & I can*t wait! My tax returns can*t get here fast enough! I*ve spotted a car i want! I know I*m a girl & i know nothing about cars but i want a WRX. They are so sweet looking! I found a black one, Justin*s trying to talk me out of it, because then his car would have competition! *muahaha!*

I was doing a little pouncing today & came across these fine shops! They haven*t been open very long at all. I thought they should be brought to the front to be seen! I found an assort
ment of goodies! It never stops amazing me with all of us on etsy theres always someone else who adds something totally different. IT*s great! I love it. Without further a due...Here they are.

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Twiggymolly said...

I love Prolifique!! I buy a wonderful charm they custom made for me!

Rosebud Collection said...

What great shops..hope your check comes soon and you get the car..

Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

Thank you for including me in your post! I had no idea you did so until I did a Google search. Cheers! Melissa (Silly Bee's Chickadee)