Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gather & Give

Me & mom went to see Jennifer at 1pm. It was great, what a break! We played with the baby and joked around. It was great! I miss my best friend. I haven*t had a way to go see her in like a month 1/2 almost 2 months. She just had the baby 3 weeks ago & before that she couldnt go far because she was put on bed rest. I*m so tired, i didnt really sleep good last night i felt restless. I hate sitting in this apartment all day. I can find things to keep me busy but i just get bored with looking at the same things all day every day. I*m waiting on my tax refunds & trying to sale anything i can to keep for a down payment on another car. My mom said i could work with her after i get a car, now ive gotta worry about a co-signer because lets face it, no one will give a car payment to someone without a job. I*m so stressed out.

Since I have signed up with Revolution money exchange its been great! There are no fee*s & it*s really easy to navigate. SO, I*ve decided anyone who signs up under me will receive a FREE pendant plus RME gives you $25 just for signing up!
Vaild through 5.10.08 only
1 per house hold

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BlossomingTree said...

I've already signed up with RME but just wanted to say that the pendant is lovely.