Thursday, May 8, 2008

Accidents Can Happen

So, since i have a load of time on my hands, I*ve decided I*m going to be making lip balms. I sold a few here a while ago but i had no idea all the regulations and everything. Now that I*m wiser to the fact i think I*m going to give it a try. I*ve made some for party favors & for the family but now I*m thinking of bringing them out to sale. I didn*t label the balms i*ve been giving out only because they were to family, i did give them a business card with the ingredients on the back. I*m doing alot of research so it may be a little while before lip balms are available at Unique Charm. I*m trying to find a good insurer, i know your supposed to have insurance when doing this in case it harms someone. I don*t feel comfortable googling this topic. I want to know someones opinion on who they are insured with, this is a sensitive subject so i want to get clearance I*m suppose to have. If anyone sells lip balms it would help me out a bunch if you felt comfortable enough to leave me a comment or an e-mail suggesting this.

Since I have signed up with Revolution money exchange its been great! There are no fee*s & it*s really easy to navigate. SO, I*ve decided anyone who signs up under me will receive a FREE pendant plus RME gives you $25 just for signing up!
valid through 5.10.08 only
1 per house hold

After you*ve signed up drop me an e-mail at letting me know & I*ll send you an e-mail to get your address. Thats it!

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Tizzalicious said...

That sounds pretty exciting! Good luck with it!

Parallax Photo said...

good luck with the new venture!