Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mix Tape

Justin & i had a very active day. We got out of the house which was great because it*s so pretty outside, until the rain comes tomorrow. I got stuff to make greeting cards & stickers. He got the new Grand Theft Auto 4, video games arnt my thing unless I*m in the mood but i want something that i can play when hes playing with his friends and what not. So i decided to et the pink Nintendo DS Lite. I got the classic Super Mario Brother*s game. You cant go wrong with Mario & his brother! I played Mario cards (like texas hold um') for like an hour 1/2 while i let Roo frolick & try to chew on the walls.

Here are the stickers i made. I wont be adding all of them to etsy because there are so many sticker people out there, most of these will only be available at I made my first sale off! It was great! I*m also adding greeting cards tomorrow. See the sticker :)

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Tizzalicious said...

I absolutely love the stickers!