Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mother*s day to all the mommies! Justin was off today & so we made out rounds. It*s rained pretty much all day but it was fun. We cooked out at Justin*s parents house. Since his mom hosted a 3 day event at her work for 1st graders, she was sick. My mom had a headache so we just called her & didn*t go. When she gets migraines she doesn*t want to be bothered. She said i didnt have to come she knows i love her. :)

So last night i made my first card just to see what i was capable of. It*s actually REALLY
fun & relaxing. I made 2 more once we got home, i listed 2 on etsy the rest will be posted on I know theres a lot of card sellers on etsy as is so i dont want to step on toes & what not. I added stickers to too. I*m expanding & it*s so fun to be able to do different kinds of stuff, depending my mood. Here*s the cards & stickers.

Justin is taking a nap so I*m going to go watch TV with the chinchilla. It*s thundering & lightening, since he is like a baby i dont want him to be scared.

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Natasha said...

Wishes to you too. Just discovered your blog.

Beat Black said...

chinchilla?? o man. i used to have one until almost a year ago. they are such wicked animals cept that mine chewed the walls when we had him out....oooo davey

Leslie said...

hey there beat! Mine does too, i dont know how to get him to stop.Glad to know its not just mine. Did he chew his hair out after that?