Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Easter*s on it*s way! Woohoo!!

I*ve been working on the website all day! Wow, i forgot what a pain in the butt they are - lol. Oh well,it*s fun! Check it out. I paid a little extra so i could host the banners of you guys! I*ll be hosting 88x31 buttons & 165x150 banner sizes. It*s reasonably priced i believe. I calculated the numbers for what I*d be willing to pay to advertise. The rest of the week I*m going to be promoing it all i can. I*m making new button tomorrow & then I*m going to do it all day tomorrow. The site isn*t loading correctly but i guess it takes it a little while to get right after editing. I*m working with Frontpage. Until yesterday morning i had never thought about it, it* a little complicated but i can build everything from scratch from layouts, to the CSS.

I*ve been up since 9 this morning, i got like 3 hours of sleep last night. I couldnt fall asleep & when i did Justin kept talking & freaking me out, when he wasnt doing that he was kicking. Guhh!! Hehe He even made Roo made because i guess he could tell i was ill. He barked a few single times.

I was looking at Easter things on etsy & found Some really cute stuff! You can click the pictures because i added their links. They*re so cute!

5 people had something to say:

Tizzalicious said...

The site looks great!

Leslie said...

Thanks Tizz. I just threw something together while i get everything together.

Beadsme said...

Hi this is great. Hope you get the website how you want it.

redd said...

i'm so jealous!
i want a website!

Just A Stay At Home Mom said...

wow that bracelet looks so cute!