Saturday, February 16, 2008

Meet AppleCreekDesigns

I*ve decided to help my fellow etsians. I*m going to add a different person to feature every week. I dont get a chance to blog every day i may start doing it every other day instead of every week. I know a lot of etsy memebers are helping to this. I for one think it*s great, it helps other's get out there & if i can help someone I*d rather. So here*s my first feature.

Meet AppleCreekDesigns!I hung out at my moms house today to let her do my laundry. My brother dropped in to talk about the night he had last night. He*s plotting to get a 07 BMW 335i series. Thats what you get when you have a job handed to ya after highschool, He*s been there 4 years & he*s moved up but he*s slowly slipping away from it. Of course my mom is all freaking out because "it*s got to much power, him & his idiot friends will hurt themselves". Him & his idiot friends don*t drive their nice vechicles when they*re smashed. Well, one did once but he wont do it again because it took him 5 months to learn to walk again after the seatbelt cut him open. ick! Speaking of all things ick, mom showed us pictures of the tornado that we were in when we were 3. My brother broke his collarbone & had bruses on his face but i was stuck in the hopital for 2 weeks. We were found on a concrete slab that was a garage [[ together side by side, mom was 1000+ yards from both of us ]]. I guess from what she says i face planted the slab & the entire left side of my face was a scab. I looked like the terminator. I remember when i was in the hospital i had been there 3 days & my mom wanted to surprise me so dad rolled me down to the elevator & when the doors open my brother & dad came out. This is around the time mom started crying again. I also remember a not so pleasant moment. They had to swab my face with this cream 4 times a day & i memeber it burnt & tingled at the same time. Maybe this is why i*m so easy going & respectable. Because ya never know when life could be over & this is my second chance. I would post the pictures but they're graphic. hehe, on a happier note! I made another custom sell today. wooo!! I*m going to take tomrrow to get caught up on the rest. I have 3 more to do! I love it, it gives me something to do. So until next time, be safe everyone!

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Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog!

bittystarr said...

wow - lovely pendant! how nice of you to feature other etsians!