Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine*s Day!

Since today was Valentine's day, Justin got me, chocolates, flowers, a dvd, [[ The Aristocats ]] & we hung out together all did & did what i wanted. I wanted to do it this morning so we could do what we wanted to do tonight, so here i am. I also got a chance to pack up some etsy orders i had today. I*m also working on a few custom orders. I*m excited about that. I love custom orders because it pushes my imagination to see what i*m capable of. As for etsy, i have a totally new idea for some stuff I*m going to get cracking on tonight. I*m excited about it, hehe its very very unique. Of course i have to put my own spin on it, what kind of idea would it be without it? I don*t want anyone to say i copied them or what not ya know? Plus it*s fun to see the reactions. Not everyone likes different.

Justin was playing video games so i decided to make some pendants, well a pendant. I made one for myself so that doesnt qualify heh. I came up with this one. Alittle late for valentines day i know but it*s still one in the same. If ya love someone ya dont just love them on this one day. I love making stuff! It*s so relaxing to me. Ahhhh..

Wow, i downloaded a load of new songs yesterday & put them all into my phone & made a playlist. I*ve been listening to it for almost 3 hours & have yet to repeat a song or stop, & it just stopped. I love this phone! I*ve also been on the phone a lot today with mom & Jen & I*m still holding tight with a tiny sliver of a bar missing. I downloaded a lot of Amy Winehouse's stuff because she*s crazy but in the same instant i like the sound she has going. Not bad i must say. I really like some of the beats she*s got going. We need more bands like her!

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