Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Even through it is rainy Justin called with good news. He got promoted to general manager & although he*ll be working an hour from here. That*s going to be a pain in the butt because it*s so hard to wake him up every morning. So now i think working with my mom will be fine. We had a loooooong convo last night about what's going on with us & how things will be & what we need to work on. We both have really short tempers. Then again i think everyone does at one point or another. We*re working on it.

When we first met i loved his hair, now he*s kinda grown it out a little so he can style it or whatever. Last night i had the idea that i wanted it gone i was tired of looking at it. So he let me cut it like it was when we first met. i think i did pretty good. I did the sides first so i gave him a tiny mo-hawk. Check him out.

On an etsy note..Moopf is giving away a bunch of sticker's..for FREE! Yupp, free. All ya have to do is convo her & let her know your interested. I*m getting some & they're so cool! Convo Moopf & she can give ya the details & show ya which ones they are. GET SOME!!! They rock!!

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