Monday, November 3, 2008

Kim Nettie Designs

I had the pleasure of meeting Kim from KimNettieDesigns in a thread on etsy. She has a wonderful shop filled with unique beaded treasures. She started beading 3 years ago & finds it to releases stress. { i agree! } She has such unique pieces & she uses materials that will allow her to sell affordable prices. You can see the quality in her work.
All Cracked Up NecklaceBlue Frost Necklace with Earrings
Twinkle Twinkle, Yellow Star Necklace
The Man in the Moon Smiled at Me Necklace
These are just a few of her great works. Drop in & take a little look around. Maybe you*ll find that gift for the perfect present this season? With her affordable prices maybe you can pick up a goody for yourself as well.

4 people had something to say:

getpalmd said...

The first one is bjutiful! :-)

Lisa said...

yep, she has some pretty stuff!

Sweet 'n Sassy Baby said...

Love her stuff! Great find!

Meg said...