Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Faerie Majikk & New Items

This is the beautiful work of FaerieMajikk. She says even though she is an adult she still finds a lot of wonder and magic in the world of Fantasy, as do a lt of us. It*s always fun to think about. She also says everything she does has been self-taught which is a great achievement, learning new things through trial and error is much more satisfying than being told what will and won't work even before they are put into practice.You can tell she loves what she is into & what she does with just one look at her art.

ACEO Original - Sepia Faerie/Fairy

Big Eyed Faerie/Fairy ACEO
Tearful Faerie ORIGINAL Big-eyed Fantasy Artwork
Orchid Faerie Original Fantasy Pastel Art - EBSQ
Take a look around she is a new talent that needs to be brought to the surface.

New Items at Unique Charm!
I*ve been having so much fun the past week. I*ve made a few items from what I had just laying around but haven't had an idea for. Don't forgot EVERYONE gets FREE SHIPPING!www.UniqueCharm.net / www.UniqueCharm.etsy.com

4 people had something to say:

SapphireChild said...

Hey, an orchid fae! That's just up my alley!

Also, love the gingerbread man!

Anonymous said...

Leslie you are a gem, thankyou for including me...i have got to get around to adding blogs to be links....when i do i will add you.

Jen said...

I love your Paris charm set! Very pretty! Thanks for showing us pretty art today, too!

Estela said...

awww the gingerbread man is precious!!!