Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random Ramble

Today has been dragging on forever! Have youever had one of those days? We*ve done a lot of nothing all day though which has been awesome, i even took an hour 1/2 to take a nap. I as going to get started on the charms I*m sending for the Out Of The Box Sampler but i ran out of clay. It smells like pumpkin pie in here though, yum yum!! I did manage to get 4 done. heh, i need to order more business cards too. I*ve got a few more left but i wont have any by the time i get these charms done. I am sad to say though - the resin piece i tried last night didnt work as i planned & it*s ok. I can't expect everything to go right all the time. I don't really have a point to day's random ramble but i just thought I*d update because I*m in a talkative mood & Justin is playing video games. I*m going to play with Ruppert, i know he will hang out & watch some tv with me. I hope everyone had a good weekend!

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missknits said...

sounds like the kind of sunday i have had not really that productive but still kind of nice and peaceful. i need to order more promo stuff too, getting low and this is the time we all need to be stocked!

ooo did you ever decide if you were gonna get a new lil friend for roo??

em - rubyblue gift shop said...

My Sunday was really slow too! It can be nice sometimes but I was hoping to get more crafting done than I did. Today it's really freezin' outside and raining too. There was frost on the roofs this morning.

Hey, don't miss the giveaway I'm having in my new blog :o)

Leslie said...

I know i was trying to get my scented charms done for this sampler box I*m doing. It*s only 31* now & I*m on the way to GAH!

Knit's let me know if you need some more, you can have as many as you*d like. :P We had decided on it, but since they are so expensive with the imports we haven't find them anywhere. lol we lost peeka! :P When we find one he will be ours.

I hope you ladies have a good day.