Monday, August 11, 2008

Sugar Rush!

I*ve been asked to do a wedding cake for my best friend's brother. She wants a simple white 3 tier cake with white fondant. She told me she also wanted little plastic butterflies. I want the cake to look elegant after all it is for her wedding. So I*m thinking of doing more gum paste / royal icing butterflies. I*ll show you pictures after it's all finished. I made another wedding cake last year that was baby blue & chocolate brown. The guys i made it for had the BEST flavors stuffed inside. I lost all my photo's of that because my computer crashed not long after. hehe Anyone that knows me knows i didn*t keep back up. Do now! Anyhoo they had a homemade (grandma's recipe) white cake mix brushed with amaretto liquir & under each cake that layered i did a cannoli cream. It was delicious! I had never met them but talked to them over the phone & threw a friend. I dropped it off at the location of the reception & told the best man that if they didnt like it to please contact me & i wouldn*t cash the check. (it was only my 2nd wedding cake i wanted to be fair.) I was told the wedding was over at 8pm & the reception got underway soon after. At 9:30 i got a call from both men telling me to run to the bank right now because it was the best cake they*d ever stuffed in their faces. :o)

lol You might be wondering where I*m going with this.. I didn*t realize how much i missed playing in cake, flour, icing, & sugar! I*m a little bummed i have to sit this semester out of school. No one dropped outta the classes i need. I*m going to try to get my Math & English classes done so i can fall into it next semester. Be prepared to see ALOT of cakes in the future.

Now that I*m thinking of this too...I*m certainly not going to eat all this cake! I may be shipping out samples. I*ll keep ya posted. :P

No new crafts as of yet. We have been saving up to go to Washington D.C for the weekend. Woohoo!!

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Leslie N. Crews said...

wow leslie, that's amazing about the cakes! good luck w/ that! i am sure you will do well :) i can't wait to see the pics! (and to actually finally get a paycheck so i can stock up on some of your bad@$$ loot
, LOLLLLLLL!!!) well anywho chicka, definitely post the cake pics when you're done! hollerrrr