Sunday, August 10, 2008

What To Do With Life's BIG Choices

Once again, I can*t wait for winter to get here. A few years ago i loved loved loved summer time. It*s been extremely to hot lately. This is North Carolina, it*s not supposed to get this hot. I was 105* with the heat index yesterday. I was sitting here thinking about my life choices after a long convocation with Justin. We will be 24 in December & I thought by now I*d be stable & I*d be well on my own. Justin & I discussed me maybe having to go back to my mom's house because of finical dispute. Which sucks because now I*ve finally got a chance to start my pastry chef classes, but now i have the choice between just working with my mom & moving back in, working with my mom & get another part time job without school to stay here. I don*t know what to do because i LOVE playing with cakes, chocolate, sugar sculptures, & other sugar goodness. It*s ALWAYS been more than a hobby, it*s my passion. I could actually turn "All 5 Senses" [ :) the name isnt copy written but please dont*t take it :) ] into an actual establishment instead of a whimsy dream. Now I*m stuck at these crossroads again & I don*t know what to do...

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jeweledrabbit said...

I know you don't think so, but 24 is still very young. It takes longer to get established nowadays than it did at one time.

If being a pastry chef is your passion, then go for it, even if it means you have to move back in with your mom for a little while.

Following your bliss will pay greater dividends in the long run and bring you much more happiness and success than doing what you think you should do. :o)