Sunday, August 31, 2008

September*s Game Plan..

I*m a little behind today, i cant get it in gear. Justin & I had so much fun last night. He got off work we had some friends over & I made us "sweet tarts". So we had some drinks & played guitar hero. Now i see why everyone says its better to play a little toasty. lol we had an excellent time. However today.....I*m behind on what i wanted to get done. :oP

I dont know why i didnt think of this before but tonight I*m going to make some hot tea & come up with all my sales & promotions for the month of September. I*m going to make a cute little flier & stick them in with all my packages. This way i can keep track myself & everyone will know what I*m doing in case they want to save some green at Unique Charm. Most of the sales & promotions will be available to & UniqueCharm.etsy. Although one or 2 maybe targeted to etsy. I*m going to have to come up with a system. I use paypal so i dont know how to put in a code word(s) & make the percentage come off. I anyone knows could you please leave me a comment to let me know how? That would be greatly appreciated. Right now I*m just doing revised invoices. So..this is the game plan for tonight...wish me luck! :oP

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La Alicia said...

sounds like a good plan. you can send a revised invoice on the paypal site and revise pricing 5 off etc. This link explains...