Saturday, July 5, 2008

Please Vote For Me!

I know this is going to sound really stupid, but now i finally understand the importance of advertisement. I*ve been advertise for a few days now & the improvement is amazing! I*ve joined a few top sites & a few other blog rings. Wow! I*m also using Entrecard & that is AWESOME! It*s like a free project wonderful. All you have to do is look at blogs, I*ve found a few i*ve marked so far. There is a section for hobbies & theres a lot of really great people out there.

I*m currently in 9 top 100 sites. I*m giving a 35% discount to anyone who votes on all 9 sites. This way everyone wins. For those of you who are not familiar with this voting process all you do is click on the ads in the "Vote For Unique Charm" column & click "Click Here To Enter __(Name Of Site)__ Top Site" ( The last link to be clicked is a text link for ETSY top 100 sites). After you have voted please leave me a comment & your e-mail address (If you are voting from etsy please leave your shop name & I*ll convo you.) on my blog so I*ll know to give you 35% off either or The 35% will be good until December 1st 2008. You may use it now or you may use it whenever, as long as it is before December 1st, 2008. This offer will end Monday July 7th, at 12am!

Justin & I are trying to go to Washington in a month or so. ALL the proceeds from this is going into our Washington fund. He asked me where I*d like to go for a little get away & how long I*d want to go for. I*m rather impatient & since i want to go ASAP I told him only for a day. That's a lot of driving but i think it*ll be fun. Usually I*d say the beach, but i can get a tan right here at the pool, plus i dont want to leave Roo ( the chinchilla ) for to long. He*s like my fur baby.

I have a headache so I*m going to hang out & watch cartoons with Roo. Thanks for taking the time to read this & please vote :P

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