Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Super Secret Agent

I added a new shirt yesterday but old it soon after i put it up on my website. I*m rumaging around trying to find stuff i can turn into a piece of work. I forgot i had left over plastic just laying around...so i give you the new earrings! I made myself a pair too, i think they*re uberly cute! I*m always telling my boyfriend that I*m a super secret agent when he questions me about being a bitch. So why not wear it right? Here's the low down on the newbies.

The adorable charms are plastic & are assembled with a sterling silver loop & a 3mm sterling silver bead. The ear hooks are also sterling silver. The earrings are almost 2" from the tip of the ear hook to the bottom of the charm.
So there you have it!

You can grab these are UniqueCharm.net or UniqueCharm.etsy.com

I*m so tired I*m about to grab a water & hope in bed to watch some TV before its bedtime. Leave me a comment. I*d love to know what you guys think, after all.. i do it for you guys :P (& I love it)

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Anonymous said...

wow, leslie,
so it must be true that great minds think alike,
especially if they happen to be 23yr old girls named leslie.
i love your page girl, and i love your style. i am also constantly trying to proove to my bf that im not a bitch, hahaha.

wow that was soo cool that i randomly stumbled upon your site, but i definitely will be back in touch! :)

ps- you definitely get a <3 on etsy.
and a link on my page. because you rock.


Princess Caitlin said...


Your new layout is great. I meant to say so last time I stopped by, but apparently I forgot. Or maybe I didn't. I don't remember now.

Good luck with the advertising! Sounds like it's going great so far!

And washington sounds like fun. Hope you get everything worked out. :D

Princess Caitlin said...

Poor Justin!

I have this one spot on my back where I'm not burnt. I used that spray sunscreen (which is probably why I'm burnt. :P But that one spot is from where I squirted a blob right in the middle of my back. lol!

Thanks for the compliment. I like to read about other people's lives too :P maybe it's nosy, or maybe it's just friendly curiosity? :D

Tizzalicious said...

Those are very cute!

Stella & Sugar said...

these are cute i like puzzle art!