Sunday, July 27, 2008

Projekt Revolution

I*ve been so busy the last few days. This day job stuff is killing me. I got all my orders together yesterday morning & shipped out the ones i could get together. I had to go get a few materials this morning to finish up some custom orders but everything went pretty smooth. I*m so tired! Justin, Brett (his little brother), & I went to the link park concert Friday night. It was AWESOME! Of course i forgot my digital camera for video footage & photo's but i did use my phone. We were so close & it was so awesome! This was Brett*s first concert he had an excellent time. Linkin Park was the last band to go on & they were excellent! If anyone wants me to post a video let me know & I shall. We have some of Chris Cornell & Linkin Park. I was going to add a video but i can*t remember what i did with the cord that connects the phone to the laptop. Don't ya love when you put something somewhere because you*ll remember where it goes & you lose it? lol hmmm.. I bought an over priced tee shirt for myself & for justin's mom. She loves it she said she is going to wear it to work Monday. I love her she is adorable!

Something new is coming up next week!

Don*t forget about my giveaway! check out the pendants up for grabs HERE.

I*m still trying to save to get us to Washington D.C, So i have concocted a sale for you guys! I have 2 exclusive pendants that haven't been for sale yet. I was saving them for this! With any purchase you get your choice of pendant! The best thing is there is no min or max purchase. I will be shipping your items on Monday & Friday's as usual. I*m super excited i haven't been to Washington in forever. For the gift of travel the pendant is my gift to you for helping us get there! Remember to tell me which pendant you are interested in when you make your purchase. If you purchase over $20 worth of items you get your choice of 2 pendants! If your purchase is $30 or over you get all 3 pendants! Click HERE to see the pendants to choose from.

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kim* said...

best of luck with your trip to washington dc :)

Princess Caitlin said...

I did the taggy thing. ^.^

Ashley said...

I like your new layout!!!