Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Work's For Me!

Today has been so busy! I got home last night & Justin had rearranged my office space & the living room. I think it looks good, something new for a change. Speaking of change i got a new car today! I got to moms house at 7:30am & we were going to get the tags , title & plate for the car so i could get it from the dealership then to work by 10am. Yeah, it would have been great if it happened like that. We went to do the final paperwork for the car at 8am then went to the DMV to get all the goodies that come with getting a new car. I only brought $150 because thats what the guy told me to bring. I get to the DMV & its $170. I call my brother ask him if i could borrow the money until i get off work. He lets me i jet to BMW, the ATM, then back to BMW to return his debit card. I sit at the DMV forever it seems! Then I*m finally at work at 12pm! I worked my butt off at work too, im so tired. I didnt sleep good last night because i had taken Roo with me when i went out of town & he was cozy at home last night making all sorts of noise last night while i was trying to sleep! I*ve gotta be at moms in the morning at 9am so I*m going to go to bed early & pass out.

Here's what all the work was for! This picture was taken off the balcony of the apartment. hehe im WAY to lazy to walk downstairs to take photo's. I*ll do that tomorrow :) I like it i think its cute! My mom said ti matches my personality.

3 people had something to say:

Lain said...

what kind of car is it? It looks cute! Hope you have better luck with this one :)

redd said...

it's super cute!!

work? I don't remember you saying you had a job!! where do you work?

gracedlace said...

I now have you on my links! It worked!