Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Rants - Behind The Scene

What to say about today? I*m just so bored! I have nothing to do all day & it*s getting really old. My car is in a shop i took it to to see if the dealer screwed me. I dropped it off 2 days ago so we should hear something by tomorrow. If there is something wrong with it, its going back to the dealership from once where it came. $350 a month + the insurance. I don*t have any money to get it fixed lol My moms like "it doesnt work like that you just cant take it back" uhhh... i can when i have lies in paperwork & i will. I*ve learned from 3 years in customer service you can get anything done with a little noise. Besides, my brother works at Leith BMW (Leith owns 95% of the car dealership business around here) & since he*s my brother & hes had his butt in hot water a time or two we all know Mrs. Leith. I*ll have her take a look at the papers to see if there's anything i can do. I*m looking for other cars incase this will happen. Now i see why my parents get mad because i never have any money. I spent it on "wants" not "needs". I don*t have a lot of needs though, Justin takes care of all that. I have a roof over my head & food in my tummy.

I did a little blog hopping to do a little advertising. I*m trying to brainstorm ways to get my website out there. I*ve made a few sales but i dont know if its worth all the hastle to keep it up & running. What do you guys do? I want some advice! I*ve yet to tap local resources, so I*m going to try a lot of that before i give up. Anything to get me out of this house! I*ve been here for the last 3 months. In this time period i have become prone to panic attacks. hehehe Maybe I*ve become un-socialized? :o] I just know I*m bored & going crazy! I was all excited about getting the car because mom's going to let me work with her, now that*s going to be at least another week. If i have to take the car back I*ve still gotta go through that & get another car. BLEH! I*m trying to make the best of the situation. lol See, I*m trying to figure it out.

Since justin is paying all the bills we really really really dont have any extra money for me to get supplies thats why you dont see anything new but stickers in UC.etsy & I*m working on it. I*m trying my hand at screen printing. So far ITS AWESOME! I may have to start doing it at my room at mom's house though. I don*t want the fumes to hurt the lil roo.

I was going through some pictures. I*ve posted a few pictures of Roo but not so much of Punkin. He*s staying with my mom & dad because its a lot to have him in the apartment. Isn*t he a cutie? He is so spoiled! (He only Drinks hot pepsi)He doesnt look spoiled does he? lol hes my punkie!!!

{FREE Stickers} Help me make it to my 105th purchase. Stickers will be given until i reach 105th sales!

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SpinachNPeace said...

the sticker idea sounds like a great promo! good luck making it to 105!

Lain said...

I agree that its hard to think of ways to get people in your store, and then purchasing from you on top of that. That and summer is a slow time. I am planning to order some business cards and give some to friends and parents. I also made a few freebies for friends so that if someone likes it they can tell them where to get one themselves. I am also definitely on a budget so can feel u on not being able to spend lots on supplies. btw i added you to my blog list. (ok im in the process as we...err i type this lol)

Wonderfully Sew Knit said...

Oh my goodness! Punkin is so cute! We have a beagle too...I blogged about her in May.

I think things are just slow at least my shop has been slow. I'll go have a look at your's. :o)

Christa said...

It is slow at Etsy.....I've noticed a significant drop in sales after gas hit $3.80 and has been going up, up, from there. I think there are multiple reasons for slowdown....but I'm hoping to weather through it.

However, I wouldn't give up on your Etsy shop.......a good business takes a long time to grow and prosper. You're on your way!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful day!

Chloe Rose

Princess Caitlin said...

hey!! Thanks for your comment!
I was getting depressed because nobody was commenting me anymore. But it's probably because they thought I dropped off the face of the earth. lol

I haven't, I've just been strangely busy. And I just posted an update and a book review. And I ought to be crocheting or sleeping, and instead, I'm ... doing nothing. :) lol

sounds like a mess with your car -hope everything works out right.