Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spiders, Grass Hoppers, & Roosters! Oh My!

So, yeah. about today... It has been one for the books i tell ya! Last night i was laying in our room watching tv & Justin was playing video games. I went to step off the bed & i felt a prick on the bottom of my foot so i pulled it back & looked down from the bed to what i thought looked like a curled up spider. It totally freaked me out & cought me off guard. I walk into the living room to tell Justin what had happened. [he is TERRIFIED of spiders] I was so freaked out i was shaking & didn*t want to deal with it so i ended up duct taping the bottom of the door so nothing [not even air] could get out. We pulled the couches together last night & slept when we woke up this morning we got all of our stuff together & went to my moms to hang out. I had been dropping hints i wanted her to rescue us from the spiderman but she caught onto my act & told me if we still lived in wakefield she would but we are 45 minutes away. (gas is $4.04 a gallon & she drives the tahoe) I*m bracing myself all the way home thinking im going hunting for a spider, when i get home i go tino the bedroom bug spray in hand & i open the closet door (thinking mr. spider man would be hiding because of all the noise i made) I say "Ok mr. spidie man come out & surrender & no one gets hurt." I*m pulling away the big clothes basket & i say "Ok i lied, you*ll be dieing." then BAM! there is mr. Spidey man! (so i thought) I freaked out because he jumped away, so i rush into the living room having a panic attach. I grab my phone call mom & try to talk, she tells me to go outside & calm down. (its 102 outside) I calmed down, 45 minutes later mom & dad show up to rrid our bedroom of the spider. I told her it hopped into where my purses were & they went digging. Justin & i standing calmly in the living room hear mom laugh about something as she comes out with a napkin in hand. Yupp, it was a GRASS HOPPER!!! lol I felt like such an idiot. She said i must have faked myself out so much it looked like a spider. I said no it was really a spider & she said you said it was in your purses, i said correct & she said they found the grass hopper in my purses. geeez.

I screen printed my brother a t-shirt & decided to make a sticker out of it. Everyone loves it so i decided why not try to sale it?

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Tizzalicious said...

That would have totally freaked me out too, even if it was just a grass hopper!

Paper Girl Productions said...

I am terrified of bugs and have way too many bug stories!! One time I had a cricket on MY NECK when I got into my parents home...accccccccccck!!