Saturday, June 14, 2008

Paper bags & Plastic Hearts

I took the car back yesterday & got all my money back. We left & mom said she liked the way i handled it. :o] Grrr, lol now ive gotta find another car i want. I*m off the Tc's. They*re pretty & shiny but they*re a hefty payment. lol like mom said i need to make sure i can make my payments. I tend to be a lot lazy at times, if i dont wanna go. i dont go. My motto is "I don*t wanna go & they can*t make me!". lol I*ll be working with my mom though so i*ve gotta go. Bleh..

For the past few days ive been doing templates for the screen printing im going to be trying. I get to start tonight! I*m so excited. I did a shirt for my brother & i wish i took a picture because it came out beautifully. Now his friends are calling me with idea's they'd like to have done. I*m thinking i*m going to do matching totes with the female tee's, I*m also throwing around the idea of clutches too like one big set. I was calculating money wise though & they*d be like $40 all together. They*d kick ass though! I*ll keep you posted!

If you*ve posted by the shop lately you know theres not a lot there! That's for 2 reasons. Reason A. I*m broke ;) Reason B. I*m trying to revamp & I*m not doing cards anymore. I*m going to concentrate on jewelry & if this printing thing works out a little of that. I had a chat with my financial adviser [Justin] last night & he said "Your Unique, put something out there no one else has thought of." then he went onto say that im the unique-est person he has ever met. Everyone we know agree's with him too. He said i was the person everyone just wanted to know. My personality pops & I*m not afraid to be myself around anyone & if they dont like it i may or may not have a few choice words for them, depending on the day & caffeine intake. He loves that i am my own person & I*m one of a kind. ;o] he wishes he could be the way i am. I told him i wasnt always like this, someone took me by the hand & let me know it was ok & lead me down the path i needed to take to find myself. I can not thank him enough. We don*t speak anymore but i wont ever forget everything he taught me.

Enough emotional relapse :o] look what i made! I*m also having a Saturday Sale & my greeting cards are on sale until tomorrow then they will vanish forever ;)

{Saturday Sale}
Pay with RME & Get FREE shipping!

{Greeting Card Sale}
All my greeting cards have been marked down 40%! Once these are gone i will no longer be making greeting cards. Sale valid through June 10-15th

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Princess Caitlin said...

I'm glad you got your money back!

That book is great. I've read it a couple times.

aaand, my other post was longer! I wanted the book review to show *underneath* my "real" post, but since I started it *after* I started the real post, it shows as though I posted it later. if that made sense. lol