Thursday, April 17, 2008

Up against the wall

Look it! I changed the bloggie layout....

So here*s the lowdown on the car situation. Justin is getting his car completely re-done..again.. My insurance company totaled my car & that was it. Justin*s parents have decided to get a new car so Justin can use his dad*s truck until he gets his car back. That leaves me with nothing to drive, until i get my taxes back. I didnt work a lot last year so it wont be a lot. I*m still in need of money for a down payment because theres no telling how long it will take to get that money back. So.. I*m letting EVERYONE take 50% off ANYTHING you want at UniqueCharm. Doesn*t matter what it is 1/2 off it*s yours! I posted the deal on my shop announcements & have had a few people take me up on it. I*m trying to add a few new things everyday so theres more variety. If you see something feel free to contact me & I*ll mark it down. I*m so tired all this stress is making my usually perky personality fall short. I*m going to watch some T.V with the chinchilla. Good night all & to all a good night :D

Take 50% Off!
We got bad news about the car this morning, it can not be fixed. Now I*ve gotta come up with the money for a decent down payment on another car because our insurance company is being a jerk!

If theres something you like feel free take 50% off anything in my shop & it*s yours!

Thanks to everyone who helps me out!

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