Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Straight Jacket Fashion

Today hasn*t been that bad. It started raining a few minutes ago. For some reason i love the rain. Justin & i went to Quizno*s for lunch, after my salad i thought a walk would be great. We walked to the mall across the street & there they were, sitting in the window at journey*s calling out to me like a little child would it*s mother. :D So i got new shoes. Arn*t they cute?

I decided to make a newsletter for UniqueCharm. In this letter I*ll add discount codes, items only available to newsletter members, & updates & info about UniqueCharm. I*ve decided to let UniqueCharm.net go. Everyone is ordering through my etsy site, so i dont see how its helping me to pay & be hosted. lol I*ll use it for great etsy things! I listed a new pendant this afternoon, check it out. It*s all springy like.
Justin & i just got back from getting groceries so i uess i should put them away before everything melts & goes bad.

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Anonymous said...

you got 50% off I gotta go!
stop by sometime I'd love to add your mini and your link to my blog