Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sooner Or Later

I*m thinking about letting go of No one is buying anything from it, they*re using my etsy account. So I figure instead of spending that money each month I*ll use it do something else with, like explore into new stuf. I*m doing a poll, please let me know. I thought it would generate more sales than etsy because theres no need to sign up just go through paypal. I*m confused.

After a week the insurance company is finally giving Justin a rental car, my insurance company however is not. They are trying to claim my timing belt broke causing the accident. lady that came smashing into us was the cause. She has even told the adjuster the story of how it happened, everything matches up but they still do not believe this. I*m saving up the money for a down payment on another car. Will they even give me a loan if my insurance company wont pay off the car that got totaled? I thought this is why we have insurance, for situations like this.

I*m still doing my 50% off sale for a few more days. I*m trying to save up all the money i can, I*m expecting the worst! I did however have a creative streak & made these.

Love Me Love Me Not Earrings $7.50

Patches The Playful Puppy Clutch $7.50

Meow - Here Kitty Kitty Clutch $7.50

5 people had something to say:

Anonymous said...

great blog

Karma by Morgan said...

bummer about the insurance... good luck figuring the site situation out!!! That is good that people ARE buying things from your etsy site- sales are sale :)

Tizzalicious said...

Do you promote the site anywhere outside your blog and Etsy? I find that a lot of people who find me on MySpace buy on my site!

Leslie said...

yeah, the sites on my business card. Whenever they pull up my site they see my feedback from etsy & buy from there.

i dont have a myspace account. the ex will find me ..ahhhh

AuntDsHandcrafts said...

Good luck with your car insurance. Your kittie clutch is cute :)