Tuesday, April 1, 2008

conscious oasis

I*m so tired, Justin & I stayed up all night last night. He had to wake up at 4:30am to go to work we went to bed at 2:30am. We made pizza, watched "Kiss The Girls" & i a glass or 3 of wine. I love Chardonnay*s. lol I*ve decided to step back from the vodka a little. I had Justin stop by the grocery store on the way home because i needed some girly products. He said everyone was looking at him & smiling like "Yeah, we know whats going on. His girlfriend is having a bad day" lol hes so crazy.

Speaking of crazy. I sent my brother a text message. I hadn*t heard from him in like a week. He gave me new songs to download that rock. My mom doesnt understand what happened to us, we use to hate each other then one day we decided we liked music & it brought us together. I wuv my big brother ( hes older by 1 minute - he loves to reign his authority) I tol
d him we*d drop by this weekend sometime. He*s got a new girly friend & all the other girls are upset. Aww. I know this one she*s cool, but she better not hurt my brother. There will be consequences & repercussions. :o) He needs a little help sometimes, he*s usually grateful. Theres the culprit! From left to right, Kevin, (Brother) Myself, & Jesse ( Brothers friend )
Hopefully we will be getting Justin*s car back in the next week or so. Thats what we*ve heard for the past month though. He loves his little car. He gets all excited when he talks about it. The guy thats fixing it had to call the Honda parts place in JAPAN to get them to make the part justin needs. He*s like dont tell anybody what the car is capable of i dont want them breaking into it. lol but everyone he sees "it*s got an Acura Integra engine blah blah blah!" thought we werent speaking of the car eh? I found a picture of our cars. Mines the grey his is the red. i LOVE mine unlike his :P
wow, I*m like a little chatterbox! Welp, i*m going to go amuse myself.I hope everyone has a safe & evetful afternoon!

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Tizzalicious said...

I know how you feel! I've been staying up laaate to spend time with the boyfriend lately too, and I'm SO tired!