Monday, March 31, 2008

Great Day For Progress

Justin & I have been enjoying each other a lot more lately. I*m loving it! I didn*t want him to go to work this morning so i was hanging onto his leg like a 2 year old. Someone has to work though i guess. I*ve gotta get a job when Justin gets his car back. I want another car. The phone i have is so cute though :oP I just don*t think i want it anymore. It*s another dreadful day in NC. It*s cloudy & raining & FREEZING! It*s 39* outside & it*s 6pm. I*ve suddenly caught on to Bomberman. It*s like my etsy addiction, just not as bad as my etsy. I only play with Justin for the last 3 nights it*s becoming our thing.

We*ve got new neighbors moving in & they*re being SOOO loud! They sound like a heard of elephants coming up the stairs & they*re moving their stuff in so it sounds like they*re remodeling. lol We try to be as quiet as possible, but sometimes we fail :oP i blame Justin.

I made a new layout for , it looks cool i like it! What do you think? Member you can get 20% off anything at or Just enter "blogspot" when your checking out & I*ll refund the 20%.

6 people had something to say:

Dharma Designs said...

Oh no - I HATE noisey neighbors. HUGS! :-)

Crazy Times Candle & Bath Co. said...

It was fairly cold here today too, but it's supposed to get warmer on Wednesday.

I love the new layout on your website! It's so fun looking!!!

Jessica said...

love the look of your blog! glad i found you through etsy!

redd said...

you wouldn't believe how noisy my neighbours are.
they listen to bad metal in the room below my son's till 3am sometimes.

i like the new layout!
your site is always so cute!

btw, how did the easter draw go?

Adam said...

check out my new blog post! i love yours!

Torann said...

Layout looks great :)