Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hot Cocoa & Fleece

It*s so cold! I just want to curl up with my hot cocoa & the fleece blankie. It*s raining too so it makes it windy-er, blah. Justin has had off all weekend. We*ve had fun hanging out together. We went to get him some new video games & i went to the craft store to get more headpins. I made new earrings today! woohoo! I*ve got so much more things i wanna make. I*ve got nothing but time but I*ve been so un-motivated lately. Anyone else feel like that? I*ve went to the Dr. for the panic attackes & they just drain me. My cars starting to loose it*s act right & Justins car wont be back for another 2 weeks, although thats what the guy said 2 weeks ago. I*m not working so I*m stuck in this apartment all day while Justin is working. :P I*m talking to Roo like hes having a convo with me. Although i wonder if he sits & ponders what I*m telling him. He usually sits on my shoulder & rub his fuzzy face against mine or he*ll sit in my lap & look at me. It*s almost time to get him a bigger cage. He*s gaining fluff :P

At the grocery store last night Justin found some uberly AWESOME chips. The company "Flat Earth" makes them & they*re called Apple Cinnamon Grove. They taste just like a juicy red apple! They*re so good! They*ve also got 1/2 servings of real fruit in every ounce. Yummy goodness is what they are! I lost my phone at the grocery store last night too. Mom called Justins phone & let me know. i was looking for it & couldnt find it so i checked Justin*s phone & she had left 2 messages. She knows my phone is my life! Someone called Jen & asked if she knew whos phone it was, she said yesh she called my mom because she didnt have Justin*s number. Whew! I*m so glad theres a few honest people left in the world! :P

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Tizzalicious said...

The weather is so crap here too, it's hard to believe spring is coming!