Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baby Coming Through :P

My best friend Jen is finally having her baby today! Her due date was April, 5th but her doctors apointment was yesterday. They put her in the hospital last night & started to enduce her. So...Katelyn Nicole should be here sometime tonight. Justin is off today which is great because there is no way I was missing this. It*s going to take us an hour to an hour 1/2 to get there. Her sister is made because she asked me to be the Godmother. It was her choice i had nothing to do with it. :D Her sister is also made because she*s naming Katelyn after a really good friend of ours that died & y middle name for Kate*s middle name. We*ve been best friends since 7th grade! We both have totally different views but we end up on the same page somehow. We*ve never once fought about anything. She*s just a great person to know.

I made 2 new pouches last night. One of which i*ll be keeping :D I messed up the strap so i decided i*d keep it since the other came out perfect! I*m about to jump in the shower & go to Joann*s to get more felt & see if i can find something that will keep them closed besides buttons, some people dont like those.

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