Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Looky what i did!

I*ve done a lot of nothing today. Justin had off - the first day in a week. I wanted to get out of the house since he*s had & will still have my car the rest of the week. I went to Michael*s and fished around while he stayed home to play guitar hero 3 with Jonathan & sleep. Today wasn*t a total lose. I actually did a sewing project! I finished my first pouch. It*s so cute! My mom saw it & wanted me to make my little cousin a pencil pouch for her daycare class. I did that too. I also added a "Made By UniqueCharm.net" tab on the inside. In case the moms get wind of the cute little pouch. I found her Daisy*s. The one I*m selling is so cute, it*s butterflies. you should check it out.

Here the one I*m selling
This is the pencil pouch

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