Sunday, March 9, 2008

Theres Always Something..

My head is hurting & I just woke up. :o) I*ll be so glad when this bug is done! I felt a little better yesterday but today its like i fell down the ladder. Last night Justin & I decided to go to the grocery store to get something for dinner. This is what we came up with..

Yeah...Atleast we dont have go to go back the grocery store for like another week 1/2. I ended up making taco*s, fajita*s, spanish rice & homemade cheese dip. It was rather yum! After dinner we watched "We Own The Night", it was pretty good. If you watch it beware of the first scene. No shooting or bleed shed, but beware. Justin & I just looked at each like..whaaat? After dinner & the movie we were laying around & decided we wanted something sweet. So i made rice crispy treats. they*re so good!I had taken half a bottle of dayquil so i was fine. I was melting the marshmallows which took almost forever. I was showing Justin how adding more air & it was etting really shinny. He didn*t care what it looked like as long as he could eat it. I*m starting to think it was a bad idea now because I*m supposed to be eatting healthy & I ate like 3 squares last night, only 1 this morning though.

I had a convo last night from beckynot, She was asking about a trade. I havent done that in awhile so i checked out her shop & said sure why not. I*m getting this & I*m going to add to the Easter basket. She wanted the cupcake magnet at first, but then she asked for an interesting charm. A tooth. :o) She wanted a sweet tooth! So i made her Tina the sweet tooth!
Please pardon the missing chunks of paint on my fingernails, the chinchilla loves to chew on my fingers. I think it*s rather cute! She said i should make a hurt tooth & a baby tooth. So i believe i shall. What do you guys think?

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ThePeachTree said...

Hey lady! I hope you're feeling better :) I love giant grocery trips. Hope you got some donuts.... cause I like donuts...

mushroommeadows said...

Very cute tooth. (and yes, a chipped tooth and baby tooth would be a great idea...maybe a wisdom tooth, too)

Yummy- rice crispy treats are the best!

guileless said...

that tooth is too cute!! and yes, a hurt tooth would be sweet, too. or how about a gray one? lol

glad you're all better!

Tizzalicious said...

I hope you're feeling better today!

redd said...

that is a cute tooth!
i loved trading with beckynot, she's awesome!

totally go for a pirate or ninja tooth