Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just Another Day

I*ve been busy today. I started a new plugboard so feel free to add yourself. My mom's going to kill me I*ve been kind of hanging out all day. I*ve gotten some of her stuff done but not all she wanted me to. She had a rough night last night, my dad had togo back to the hospital because of blood sugar issues. He*s out now but that happens every so often. He didn*t feel good last night but put up with us anyway. Mom makes the best chicken & dumplins, so of course i went home. I called my brother & he came along with Hunter & Chris [[ his roomates ]]. We all had a GREAT time. I love it when me & my brother & our friends get together because we*re all so witty. Mom had the pictures of me & Kevin a few days after the tornado & Kevin was smiling, Hunter was looking them over & was like "Kevin why are you smiling?" lol without missing a beat Kevin was like "Because I*m alive wtf?!" I thought my mom was going to pee on herself. We had a good time. I love my family :P

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W. J. St. Christopher said...

Hope your dad is feeling better. You're very lucky to have a close-knit family. Sounds like you guys really enjoy each other!

Tizzalicious said...
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Kinichi River Designs said...

Hooray for plugboards! I just found out about them a few weeks ago... you can find such great new websites through them.

Glad your dad is doing okay again. That must be rough!

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