Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's Almost Friday!

Today has been 1 of the longest day's it seems like! I got to work at 7:30am & didn't walk out the door until 5:30pm. Everyone went back to school today so you can imagine (some of you have even seen) the chaos. I'm so exhausted. I've stayed up late the past few nights & now it's really catching up to me, so needless to say i cant wait until Friday afternoon at 4pm! "Attracting the Fall" is playing in Fayetteville on Saturday & i've been invited to go, however.Fayetteville is like 2 hours from here! 

(More) New Projects are coming soon. I know i've said this a lot, but this time i mean it! It always seems like i never get a chance to finish anything because by the time i start i've already totally commited to something else (then the vicious cycle starts all over). You'll be seeing a lot of new things hanging around UniqueCharm.

~Dont forget the GIVEAWAY!~

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------Blog Spotlights of The Week-----
1.) Emily from Family and Life in Las Vegas writes:
Hi, I'm Emily, an east-coast born, mid-western raised girl, who followed my heart west. I am a wife to a pretty amazing man, and we have one Squishy, Silly, & Happy little boy. I am a baby-wearing, cloth diapering, extended breastfeeding, going organic, sleep deprived, stay at home mom who is the ropes as I go. All while trying to figure out how to raise a family in Sin City.
2.) Charlene from Adventures in Mommy Land writes: I'm a stay at home mom of six children ranging in age from 17 - 5. Adventures-In-Mommy-Land is all about big family fun with lots of love, laughter and tons of dirty laundry. I share recipes, kids' crafts and stories about our family life. I also do the occasional review or giveaway. I love following other blogs and learning new things, I am inspired daily by the things I read.

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Charlene said...

Following you back from WW....thanks for stopping by my blog!

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Hey there! You have a new follower! Come visit Mama's Little Chick.

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