Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Take a moment for thank you's

It's after 1:45am & i cant sleep, must be that 2 hour nap i took from 6pm-8pm? I'm finding myself wanting to change speeds the past few days. If im not working im always hanging out with my friends & just doing anything not to be at home. I'm finding im wanting to slow down & stay home a little more. I've also noticed this week i save money when i work a lot (CHA-CHING!). That's probably common sense but im just now figuring this out. I'm not one for a full time job because i hate being in 1 place for SOOO long, but i've taken it upon myself to do more. My parents are getting older & because dad has diabetes, sorosis of the liver, high blood pressure (probably because of me & mom) & a few other problems he's on 16 meds a day. His doctor's advise him not to work so it's all on mom. Dad takes care of the house (& watches Lifetime) while she's working. Mom has a lot on her & she had an aneurysm a few years ago (she stayed in bed for 3 days until we took her to see her neurosurgeon in Chapel Hill. Her doctor did a scan & immediately put her on the table & as soon as he found it, it burst). I've been thinking more about my future & i want my parents around for a very long time (& I'm sure my brother does too). For our (my brother is my twin) past 25yrs they've made sure we had everything we ever wanted / needed with no questions asked. I'm trying to repay them by helping them out a little. Mom has the house payment, the utilities, groceries, car payments, insurance, cell phone bill, & never hesitates when we (kevin or I) ask for help.

On another note, my cousin Candace is getting married after 5 years to Steven! This event will be happening this Friday at 7pm. He asked her at Christmas & they planned it for July 23rd. It seems odd to get married at 7pm on a Friday 3 hours away from the rest of your family but they take a weeks vaca to Emerald Isle every year & they wanted to do it there. They picked Friday so they would have Saturday to be a married couple & enjoy the beach together & alone then come home on Sunday. I'm the maid of honor & i've planned my speech. Which is highly unlikely because i've got stage fright & dont like public speaking! So short & sweet is the answer here. Just a quick "i hope you 2 are happy together forever & i hope we are all here to witness the happiness & joy you 2 bring to each other's lives." after the *clink* of my fork on my (half empty) champagne glass.

(Candace on the left & me o the right)

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