Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Project **coming soon**

I*ve got a new project I*m going to start working on here in the next few weeks.I*m getting some designs together so each will be as unique as i can make them. I*m excited about it, I*ve actually picked up a few supplies today.

I*m trying to save money for my pastry chef classes in the fall (student loans suck) so i got my job back at Staples. I*ll be helping the lead in the copy center & I*m also working part time at Bath & Body Works (our semi annual sale starts June 11th!) I*m trying to save money & it*s so hard, anyone else have this problem? I*ve decided to take on another project, if im not at the mall looking at things then i wont want to buy anything.I*m also still doing wedding cakes. I have 1 to be at the beach coming up June 20th. I had a lady call for a consiltation today for sometime in 2 weeks. I love baking & making things, specially when i can put them both together.

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