Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy father's day & to new projects

I hope all the dads (of any kind) had a great Father*s day! I*ve got a sinus infection so I told dad Happy Father*s day & called my granddad where everyone was trying out the new outside kitchen & told him as well.

I*ve had a lot of time to do nothing all day & I have done a lot of nothing. I did finish a project today! TADA! Behold he new vision..These are for sale just not up on
ETSY yet. I*ve made a new shop (I*ll disclose the name when i*m ready to start selling) These are available to everyone, if you don’t have an ETSY account then just leave me a comment saying you want more info & I*ll get back to you ASAP. I*ll be adding them to ETSY when I have a few more pair to add to the collection. They*re 100% hand drawn by yours truly. They*re a size 6 ½ Jessica Simpon's with a 4" heel. Although the flash makes them look fire engine red, they are burgundy not red. These will be shipped in a customized shoe box with a free gift.

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